10 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Home For Winter


Most of you who visit here regularly have come to expect handmade card, gift, and decor ideas, so this is a bit of a different post from me today.  Recently I was contacted by a large real estate company with a challenge…to create a style board full of ideas for creating warmth in your home during the colder months.  I was intrigued by this challenge for two big reasons:

  1. About six months ago I moved from the South to the Northeast, so I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately!
  2. I think we create handmade gifts and decor for this exact reason – to add a little warmth to our life and the lives of those around us.

So here are ten ways I’m planning to cozy up my space as the temps start to plummet…

Faux Fur Throws


Nothing says warm like the fuzzies, but since adding a few new pets to my home this winter isn’t in the cards for me, I’ll be reaching for faux fur throws.  This ruched faux fur throw from Pottery Barn is super snuggly and makes any sofa more inviting.



This is the time of year when it’s dark by 5pm, so light is one of the most important ways I warm up my home.  And light that comes from a candle inside of a pretty lantern like this one from Pier 1 Imports is the warmest kind!

Warm Metal Lighting


In a home with loads of wood floors and furniture, metal lighting provides a great contrasting element…but chrome fixtures can read cold, especially in winter.  This brushed nickel pendant light (Home Depot) boasts a warmer tone because nickel finish is typically plated onto brass metal during production.


And I’m still trying to figure out if I can pull off a copper round pendant light like this one from Heal’s anywhere in my home.  It looks gorgeous, and would be oh-so-trendy!

Add Pops of Red or Brown


Studies have shown that when the eye sees warm colors, it actually evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.  Save the yellows and oranges for autumn, and add pops of red and brown in the winter.  I love how these glossy red bamboo urns and other decor from Pier 1 instantly warm up this cold, neutral room.

Chunky Knit Pillows


Along the same line as that faux fur throw, an oversized knit pillow (Ugg) screams warm and snuggly.  Choose a neutral color and a chunky cable knit to keep it more sophisticated and less “cabin-in-the-woods” (not that I have anything against cabins…I would love to have one someday!).

Warm Wood Accent Tables


The trend for several years now in furniture and flooring has been distressed grey wood and several of my accent tables follow that trend.  Winter is already grey enough, so I’m choosing a few pieces constructed of warmer wood like the Harvester end table from Target to brighten and lighten up my living room.


And if you don’t have the space or money for new end tables, adding a few pieces of decor like this farmhouse tray from Pier 1 will also do the trick.

Plush Area Rugs


Wood flooring is divine and so easy to keep clean, but you can actually lose up to 10% of your home’s heat through the floor if it’s not insulated…which is where area rugs come in handy.  Add warmth literally and aestetically to your home with a plush area rug like the Moroccan diamond shag rug  from nuLoom.

Cream Colored Seating


I love a healthy dose of winter white during this time of year, but an even warmer choice would be anything cream (ivory is a bit too yellow for my taste).  A tufted accent chair like the Valentina cream fabric chair (Target) adds a little punch of warm and bright to a living room.

Citrus Plants


When there’s so little greenery to be found outside, houseplants can be a welcome relief from the barrenness of winter.  As the proud mother of a 15 year old lemon tree, I can’t recommend dwarf citrus trees enough.  They take a bit of care to grow, but who can resist a plant that bears colorful and tasty fruit while most of its friends sleep the cold weather off.  (photo credit – Apartment Therapy)

Handmade Decor


My last tip for warming up a home in winter?  Add handmade decor, of course!  I created this custom table runner and matching napkins in just about an hour with my Silhouette CAMEO, and that little personal touch really does warm up my dining room for my family and guests.

I hope I’ve given you some warm and cozy ideas and I would love to hear your tips in the comments too.  Tell me, how do you add warmth to your home during winter?