15 Holiday Projects to Make with Your Silhouette CAMEO


I’ve done a lot of holiday crafting with my Silhouette CAMEO over the years…in fact, the first tutorial I ever wrote for the Silhouette blog as a member of their inaugural design team was a Christmas decor item!  Since many of you may be new to my blog or may have arrived here after purchasing your Silhouette during the Black Friday sales, I thought the first day of December would be a great time to look back at some of the holiday project tutorials I’ve posted over the past three years.

Snowy Village Etched Cake Dome


Though not my first etched glass project, this Snowy Village Cake Dome may still be my favorite.  I simply love how much detail you can achieve by creating intricate stencils with your CAMEO.  This piece still adorns my entryway table every year…filled to the brim with sparkly ornaments!

Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments


With a few layers of Silhouette chipboard and a little platinum embossing powder, I created these intricate Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments two years ago…and they’re still just as pretty today.  Imagine customizing these with a loved one’s name!  Click here for the full tutorial.

Merry Christmas Serving Platter


Here’s a quick project if you’re strapped for time.  This Merry Christmas Serving Platter can be made in minutes thanks to Silhouette Frosted Glass Vinyl!  It makes a great last-minute gift, or you can just impress your party guests with your modern festive decor.

Rustic Merry Christmas Sign


I originally bought my CAMEO after searching on the internet for ways to make custom stencils for my garden tags…and stencil vinyl remains one of my favorite Silhouette products.  This Rustic Merry Christmas Sign tutorial has some great tips for lining up multi-layer stencils perfectly and creating fun woodsy decor.

Christmas Subway Art

Christmas Subway Art by Annie Williams - Main

It doesn’t get any easier than printing out a design from the Silhouette Design Store and placing it in a frame, but I customized this Christmas Subway Art by adding my own little holiday icons and filling the words with my favorite colors and patterns.  Click here for this quick project tutorial.

Wintry Etched Lightbulbs


Why would someone etch lightbulbs?  Because they’re there.  Actually, I just think there’s a strong connection between Christmas and the idea of light…and you should see how these bulbs cast patterned light on all of the walls around them!  The full tutorial can be found here.

Quick & Easy Personalized Christmas Stockings


Two years ago, I found myself without a stocking for our youngest kitty Blooter just a few days before Christmas.  We couldn’t let her be the only one without one, so I quickly personalized a store-bought kitty stocking with glitter heat transfer material.  Click here for all of the details.

Fabric Poinsettia Wreath

Fabric Poinsettia Wreath by Annie Williams - Main

I’ve cut a lot of 3D flowers in my day, but these poinsettias are made a little cozier with pretty fabrics instead of heavy cardstock.  Head on over here to see how I used clean cut fabric interfacing to firm up my flower layers and add life-like texture.

Faux Etched Glass Blocks


You’re starting to see a theme, aren’t you?  I love everything lit up and frosty for the holidays!  Turn those basic glass blocks into a showpiece with this tutorial, which also has some great tips for altering text.

Christmas Elf Swing Card


I have many, many Christmas card tutorials here on the blog (use the search box if you’re interested in more), but this is one of my favorites using the CAMEO.  If you’re a fan of coloring, there are tons of ways to customize these types of card templates found in the Silhouette Design Store.  Click here for all of the details.

Starlight Garland


This Starlight Garland was originally designed with New Year’s Eve in mind, but I loved how it looked in my Christmas tree too!  Find out how I used vellum and adhesive cardstock to make these pretty illuminated stars here.

Holiday Chalkboard Placemats


I’m always looking for ways to keep the crowd at the kiddie table entertained.  With a little chalkboard vinyl and some pretty designs, I turned cheap vinyl placemats into a fun place for the kids to draw and write while the adults enjoyed their meals.  Click here to see the Thanksgiving version as well.

Christmas Monogram Ornament


My friends and relatives have come to expect personalized gifts during the holidays ever since my CAMEO came to town.  So, here’s a fun monogrammed ornament that makes a great gift and looks super pretty as a door hanger in place of a traditional wreath.

Reversible Holiday Table Runner


With the number of guests we host around the holidays, decor needs to be versatile.  This table runner can go from classic to cute with just a quick flip thanks to Silhouette heat transfer material.  Click here for all of the details and to see what’s lurking on the other side!

Birdhouse Advent Calendar

Birdhouse Advent Calendar by Annie Williams - Main

It’s December 1st…do you have your Advent Calendar ready?  As a nature-lover myself, I thought these tiny birdhouses made the perfect treat or message holders…especially since the hole in the front made them reusable!  Check out the details for this project here.

I still have a ton more Silhouette holiday project ideas in this head of mine (with a bunch coming later this month), so I hope you’ll stop back again soon!  Until then, I hope these fifteen projects will keep you inspired.  What will you be using your CAMEO for this month?