Chalkboard Quote on Canvas

I’m really not the kind of person who prints out quotes and slaps them on the wall normally, but this phrase really spoke to me when I saw it in the Silhouette Online Store.  I decided to fashion myself a sign out of it and hang it next to the garage door where we’ll see it every time we leave the house…just in case we need reminding:
I cut this out of a scrap of vinyl and transferred it to a black art canvas to use as a stencil.  First I applied a coat of white gesso, followed by a single coat of white, teal, or gold acrylic paint.  Since the gesso is thin, it seeps under the vinyl just a bit and creates a faint shadow around all of the letters for a more realistic chalkboard look.  Once the paint had dried, the final touch (which is a bit difficult to see in the photo) was a little chalk ink smeared around the rest of the canvas just using my fingers and a Versamagic ink pad.  
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