Etched Autumn Vases

I always have a hard time throwing out the vases I get when my husband sends me flowers…especially when they are unique shapes and sizes.  I’ve moved 5 times in the past 8 years or so and this collection of vases gets packed up and moved with me every time.  Sure, I occasionally pull one out when I decide to pick some flowers from the yard or buy a bouquet for myself while I’m out shopping…but that’s about twice a year…max.  So I finally decided to start using them…

I cut some autumn designs into vinyl using my Cameo, smoothed it out over my vases, and slathered on the etching cream.  My etching cream was from Martha Stewart and I ended up having to leave it on for 3x the recommended time in order to get the designs smooth and even…so I may switch to the Silhouette brand or Armour Etch in the future.  For the shorter round vase, I chose this simpler leaf flourish design because I knew the vinyl would be pretty difficult to apply to a spherical object evenly (yeah, that was tons of fun…).

For the rectangular vase, I knew I could have more fun.  I took the same leaf cut files I used for my wreath a few weeks ago here and and shrunk them down reaaaaallllly small.  Adding in an oak leaf and acorn border at the bottom and a couple of oak and acorn sprigs up the sides, I created a falling leaves scene for each side.

Unfortunately, I was so excited that everything worked so well on the first try, that I filled my vase with water and an autumn bouquet before taking clear shots of the complete project…so you’ll just have to take my word for it that overall, this looked really pretty…and here’s most of one side anyway:

I can rationalize keeping all these vases if they’re customized for different seasons and holidays…and since vinyl-cutting is a breeze on the Cameo, I see lots of glass etching in my future…and lots of vases…sigh…
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Materials Used
Self-Adhesive Craft Vinyl 
Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream