Fabric Poinsettia Wreath

Fabric Poinsettia Wreath by Annie Williams - Main

I’ve already proclaimed that 3D flowers are some of my favorite shapes in the Silhouette Online Store…and if you enjoy making your own home decor, these designs really give you a lot of bang for your buck because you can use them in so many different projects.  Wreaths can be a super quick project when you use your CAMEO and you only need a handful of other (inexpensive) supplies.

I started this simple wreath by wrapping a wire wreath form with avocado-colored burlap garland to form a smooth ring.  Normally I cut my flowers and other wreath components out of sturdy cardstock, but I decided that this indoor wreath needed to be a little more cozy.  So, I pulled out some pretty fabrics and my Silhouette Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing and began by pressing the interfacing onto scraps of red, green, and gingham fabrics with  my iron.

Fabric Poinsettia Wreath by Annie Williams - Weeding

I set up my CAMEO to cut the different flower layers out of the red and gingham fabrics, but decided to add an additional layer to make leaves for my poinsettias.  This was really easy since the leaves and the “petals” of a poinsettia are pretty similar in shape and size.  I simply copied the biggest flower layer and used my Knife Tool to remove a few “petals”.  You’ll notice in the picture that I only needed to make quick, rough cuts in the design because the leaves form the bottom layer and would not be visible from the front.

Fabric Poinsettia Wreath by Annie Williams - Scoring

The clean cut fabric interfacing served a couple of purposes in this project.  First, it allowed me to achieve that perfectly smooth cut without the worry that the edges might fray.  It also provided a bit of rigidity to some otherwise thin fabrics.  But most importantly, it permitted me to manipulate the fabric and create a more lifelike flower with some simple veins.  Using a stylus and a foam mat, I pressed some quick veins into all of the layers and this left a lasting impression in the petals and curled the whole shape into a lifelike flower.

Fabric Poinsettia Wreath by Annie Williams - Detail

To assemble the flowers, I just stacked my layers and inserted a short length of floral wire through the center hole of each one.  I attached the yellow centers (made of a dollop of hot glue with mini brads pressed into it) to one end of the wire and threaded the other end through the wreath to tie off on the back.  The wreath hanger was just quickly sewn together using red and gingham fabric scraps left over from my flowers to form a double-sided ribbon.

I hope this inspires you to try some holiday projects with fabric!


Design Used:

3D Poinsettia Flower (#35839)