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I’ve been wanting to make a mobile since December when I first started seeing all of the beautiful Christmas tree mobiles posted on the web.  Many of those were made with glass ornaments and were quite large, but I only needed a piece big enough to decorate my mantel and dangling glass ornaments would be asking for trouble in a house with a new kitten.  So, I chose to cut some 3D ornaments out of marbled metallic cardstock to mimic shiny glass christmas balls and add a lot of sparkle with the Silhouette double-sided adhesive and glitter instead.


To make the glittery hearts, I simply cut each one out of both cardstock and double-sided adhesive, layered the double-sided adhesive directly on top of my cardstock shape, and liberally applied glitter.


I attached all of my shapes to a long wooden dowel using fishing line (the dowel can be hidden on top of  my mantel so that my shapes appear to be floating in front of the fireplace).  It helped me to first lay out all of my cut pieces on my work surface in the general configuration I wanted them to attach them in (a heart).  Notice that I tried to create columns out of my designs and that each column “ends” in a 3D ornament shape that could be tied to the dowel with the fishing line.  After the 3D ornaments were tied onto the bottom of each column, I just sandwiched the rest of the shapes around the fishing line using heavy-duty glue.


In this photo, you can just barely see the fishing line…but you can definitely see how intricate of glitter shapes you can make using the double-sided adhesive!  Do you break out the glitter for Valentine’s Day?

Shapes Used:

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  1. i looove this!

    Thank you for choosing our design. Loved!

  2. Love your mobile! What a great idea!

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