Father’s Day Envelope Art

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s happy with a card made of printer paper and a handwritten sentiment…but that doesn’t mean you can’t deliver it in an extra fancy envelope.  This rustic, masculine envelope is easy to create with a few simple tools and Basis Cardstock from CutCardStock.

Start by trimming a piece of Basis Natural Cardstock to 8⅛” x 8⅛”.  Score and punch the cardstock using the measurements found on the Envelope Punch Board to form an envelope for an A2 card.  Alternatively, you can use Basis A2 Envelopes, but I didn’t have any in this beautiful neutral color to use at the time.

Stamp your images (“Peaceful Lakeside” – Crafter’s Companion) onto the envelope, leaving room for an address in the center.  I used Versafine ink and stamp positioning tool for mine to ensure a crisp and even impression.

To give me a guide to follow to keep the address area free of color on the envelope, I traced a small rounded rectangle die in the center lightly with pencil.

Next, I lightly colored in the images with AquaBlend watercolor pencils (colors listed below), avoiding the rectangular area in the center, and blended the colors with a superfine waterbrush tip that was only slightly damp.  Basis Cardstock is not watercolor paper and will pill if you add too much water or overwork it, but works fine for this application.

Above, you can see the difference in intensity when just a tiny bit of water is added to the AquaBlend pencils.  The two boats on the left have been blended, but the rest of the images are only lightly colored in pencil at this point.  I did chose to keep the colors in my scene a little “faded” overall to add to the rustic feel of the envelope.

Adhere the bottom flaps of the envelope closed with strong tape runner (I used my ATG) and ink the edges with brown ink.  I love how the inked edges give the scene instant depth and rarely decorate an envelope without this finishing touch.

Add your card and seal this beauty shut!  If you’re not comfortable addressing a fancy envelope with your regular handwriting, you can either stamp it or print out a label (these clear ones work great!) in a scripty font.

I hope I’ve inspired you to take dad’s envelope to the next level and thanks so much for stopping by today.  You can visit the CutCardStock store to purchase many of the supplies showcased today and bonus – Basis Cardstock is on sale this month!


AquaBlend Pencils used:

  • Mountains and trees – Pesto Green, Oregano, Cypress, Spruce
  • Boats and sand – Beeswax, Clay, Oak, Hickory, Black Umber
  • Water – Sky Blue, Ocean