Foiling Easter Eggs with Adhesive Transfer Sheets

Are you getting ready to dye Easter eggs this weekend?  I’ve got a quick and easy way to add pretty designs and lots of shine!  With the new adhesive transfer sheets from Crafter’s Companion, you can simply rub an intricate design onto most surfaces and apply any color foil over top.

I’m working with plastic eggs I found at Michaels and Walmart, but this method should also work with real eggs if you’re careful.  First, paint the plastic eggs with acrylic craft paint to give them a little “tooth”…the adhesive sticks far better when the eggs are painted!  Then, cut out your design from the adhesive transfer sheet, remove the plastic backing, and press onto the egg with your fingers or a bone folder.

Remove the printed plastic liner and lay your foil on top with the shiny side facing up.  Burnish it into the adhesive with your fingers and remove the foil sheet.  Line art designs tend to work better than the solid designs because it can be difficult to get the adhesive to transfer perfectly onto a round, smooth object like and egg.

I stuck with silver and rose gold foils, but there are so many colorful options now!  If you see any excess foil around the design, you can just use a soft brush to polish the area and it will come right off (I use a large, cheap makeup brush).

So if you’re looking for simple and shiny this Easter, these eggs might be the way to go!  Later today I’ll be posting a hyperspeed video of the process over on my Instagram account, so feel free to click over there and check it out (links to my social media accounts are at the very top of my toolbar).

Thanks for stopping by today and I’d love to hear your Easter egg plans in the comments!

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  1. These eggs are gorgeous! LOVE what you’ve done with them. I’ll have to look into Crafter’s Companion! Thanks for the tip.

    1. Annie Wills says:

      Thank you Sharon! They really were easy and I love finding new ways to use products we might have bought for a completely different purpose.

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