Hello Sunshine Sign



This week’s free shape bundle has so many possibilities.  When I saw the doily shape and flowers, though, I immediately decided to go a little country and create this quick Print & Cut sign using the Printable Cotton Canvas.

  • Open your design in Silhouette Studio and delete any unwanted shapes.  I also opened up this title on my workspace.
  • Fill shapes with desired colors.  To add a little dimension to my sunflowers, I used the Fill Gradient window to fill the flower shapes with a pretty gradient I customized to include white, yellow, and orange.


  • Print your designs onto Printable Cotton Canvas (make sure you include registration marks).
  • Cut each of your flowers and the main doily shape out using your Silhouette.
  • Peel printed canvas shapes off of their backing and adhere to a stained wood oval.


  • Here you can see I offset the orange “sunshine” a bit on top of the complete brown design to create a shadow effect with my greeting.
  • I also bent the petals of my flowers up to create some dimension and roughed up the edges of my doily shape just a bit.


To finish off my little sign, I attached a short length of jute to the back using a heavy duty stapler.  And after what seemed like the longest winter ever, this is my way of welcoming the warm weather that FINALLY seems to have settled into my area for a while.  How are you going to use this week’s free shape?

Shapes Used:

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  1. This is so nice! Love those flowers.

  2. So cute!

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