Homemade Garden Tags

I made these tags for my garden a few months back before I had to blog to share them on.  It was a beautiful weekend where I am, so I spent a lot of time enjoying my garden today.  Every year (even when I lived in a fourth floor apartment) I plant tons of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers along with something new and different so that I can enjoy fresh vegetables all summer long.  Since I expanded my little plot this year and decided to plant several different varieties of each, I needed a way to tell them apart.  These tags were made using a few simple supplies from Michaels and my Silhouette Cameo:

I started with some small wooden dowels and attached the little wooden tag shape to it using hot glue.  I then coated each tag with several coats of Martha Stewart Satin Craft Paint in Putty.  
The labels were created in Silhouette Studio using a swatch of the paint color I found on the internet to fill the exact shape of the wooden tag and entering my own text and graphic.  I used the print and cut feature to cut each label out of some 65# white cardstock, then adhered the labels to wooden backer using many, many coats of Mod Podge, followed by several coats of acrylic spray sealant.  It can get pretty humid in the summertime where I am, so this was essential for the tags to survive the moisture.  Once I finished one of them, the others were a piece of cake and I quickly filled my whole garden!

This really was a quick and easy way to make the exact tags I needed.  I’m happy to report that they are all still intact, so they’ve made it through at least half the summer so far.  I’d love to hear your comments and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. OMGoodness! This is amazing–they look great, especially considering the heat, rain, & other weather conditions! Way to go!

  2. Those came out awesome! And that garden is fabulous!! I love how big it is! Pinned to share. 🙂

  3. These are too cool! Garden stakes are on my to-do list this month. (Sigh. Such a long list.) And you are inspiring me to use the Silhouette. Would you believe I’ve never used the print and cut feature?

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