Memorial Day Canvas


I couldn’t let Memorial Day pass by without creating a piece to commemorate the men and women who have died while serving my country.  And if you’re reading this from outside of the United States, hopefully some of the techniques will come in handy for your projects too!

  • Start with a ready-made canvas in black or prime a white canvas with black gesso.
  • Cut your main design out of double-sided adhesive.  Here, I altered this design from the online store using the Knife Tool to remove the lettering because I was going to add my own text later.


  • Remove the yellow backing from your design and press well into the canvas.  Some canvases will need very firm pressing because they lack a lot of “tooth”.
  • Remove just portions of the white backing from your adhesive and snip away to selectively add different colors of glitter.  I first removed the white backing from just the flag shape to color it red with glitter, then snipped away the backing covering the flag pole to make it white, and finally removed the rest of the backing to color the rest of the design blue.  Shake away any excess glitter.


  • Use the Arc Tool to create the perfect arc to fit over your design in the Studio Software.
  • Type your text using the LW Stencil Font.
  • Drag your text to the arc using the “Text to Path” control button to arrange your lettering in the perfect shape to surround the glitter design on your canvas.


  • Before you send the text to your Silhouette to cut, be sure the arc is set to “No Cut” in the Cut Settings window.
  • Cut text out of white vinyl, weed design using the hook tool, and transfer to canvas using transfer paper.


I hope this inspires you to glitter up some canvases for whatever occasion you’re celebrating…and if you’re in the United States, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Shapes Used:

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  1. i love this canvas, Annie, thank you!
    Mauro & Juliane – Studio Ilustrado

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