Monogrammed Welcome Mat


In my neck of the woods the winter weather is nearly gone, so that means it’s time for me to start sprucing up my outdoor spaces.  When I saw the new line of split monogram designs from Snapdragon Snippets in the Online Store, I was immediately inspired to make this personalized welcome mat.


I tested a couple of fonts in the Online Store to find the perfect one for my monogram and really liked how the SNF Felicity font looked with my “W” design.  However, once I had downloaded the font and typed my last name out on my workspace next to it, I realized it didn’t quite fit right.  To fix this, I just adjusted the character spacing to 200% using the slider bar in the Text Style window.


This looked pretty nice, but I wanted my name to appear a little more substantial in the final design, so I applied a small offset to my letters for a “faux-bold” effect.  With an offset distance of 0.04″ and using the “Corner” option in the Offset window, I was able to achieve a slightly thicker look in my letters while largely maintaining the integrity of their design.


After adding a little more text and a couple of flourishes, my final design was ready to be cut out of Stencil Vinyl and applied to my welcome mat.  Because I had chosen a mat with a lot of texture, I had to really work my fabric ink into my stencil (carefully, of course!) and apply a couple of coats.  If you’re new to fabric ink and stencils and this idea intimidates you, you may want to choose a smoother mat than I did.


My welcome mat will rest under an overhang, so I’m not too worried about the elements affecting mine…but you may want to consider a sealer if you plan to place your rug in the actual outdoors.

How are you going to use your Silhouette to welcome Spring?

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  1. This is awesome! It’s almost too pretty to step on!

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