Nugget Pocket Shirt

This week, I decided to switch gears.  I don’t normally do apparel projects with my Silhouette, but it was my nephew’s birthday and I couldn’t find any good shirts for him when I was out shopping.  In fact, I couldn’t even find a plain t-shirt…all of them were pocket tees.  So, I was wandering around the store, frustrated, and wondering what a two-year-old needs that stupid pocket for.

The only thing I could think of was chicken nuggets…and if you’ve seen “That’s My Boy” (no, you probably haven’t…), then you may recognize the reference.  I’m not promoting childhood obesity here…I just wanted to give my nephew a funny shirt!
I designed the nuggets in the Studio software by just point editing a few ovals, and adding a shadow with an internal inset.  The nuggets are made from yellow flocked heat transfer material layered over black smooth heat transfer material.  After cutting everything out (I always forget to reverse my lettering when using the heat transfer material…grr), the shirt came together in less than 10 minutes.  And it only took that long because I had to layer each nugget separately to overlap them correctly.
I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. I think these are adorable! I always wonder why they put pockets on kids clothes.

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