Quick and Easy Personalized Pet Stockings

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Main

Some of you may already know that we welcomed a new member to our family during the past year.  Her name is Blooter and as you can see from the photo above, she’s still a kitten with no regard for photoshoots.  I realized way too late this year that we didn’t have a stocking for her…which sounds a bit crazy if you’re not an animal person, but Spot (her older sister) has one and we wanted to be fair.  🙂  So I thought I’d post my solution just in case you’re finding yourself needing a last minute stocking for a cat…or a human.

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Type Name

Personalizations are super easy with the Silhouette…I can type any name I want into the Studio software using any font I have loaded on my computer.  I chose the LW Snow font for my stocking because it was the perfect amount of festive.  To create your personalization in the Studio software, simply open the Text Menu (arrow 1), select your desired font (arrow 2), and type your name out.  Your can adjust your text size and spacing using the options indicated by arrow 3.

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Mirror Text

I always forget this step when I’m cutting heat transfer material…but please remember to mirror your design!  To do this quickly, open the Replicate Menu (arrow 1), select your shape, and click one of the Mirror options (arrow 2).  Then delete the “normal” copy and send your project to the Silhouette.

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Heat Transfer

I used black glitter heat transfer material for Blooter’s stocking.  Even though it looks like smooth HTM, you’ll need to use the settings in the Studio software for flocked HTM.  Surprisingly, it cuts just as beautifully as smooth HTM and the weeding is super easy too.  I usually overdo the pressing step a bit…I like to be sure it’s really on there, so I lean into my iron and press for almost 2 minutes with a pressing cloth (aka – an old pillow case).  Since the white parts of my paw are made of felt, the HTM adhered really well and the plastic transfer backing peeled away easily.

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Detail

I love how the glitter HTM looks on holiday projects…and Silhouette has a ton of new colors in now (I only have black and white so far)- click here to see them all!

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Full

Between the “designing”, cutting, weeding, and pressing, this project still took less than 20 minutes…

Personalized Pet Stocking by Annie Williams - Photobomb

And I’m pretty sure she likes it!  This would be a quick way to mass produce personalized mini stockings for gifts too…so even though it’s Christmas Eve, there’s still plenty of time to dress up your gifts.  I hope you enjoyed this project and I appreciate any comments you may have!