Retro Kitchen Towel Set



A friend of mine just remodeled her kitchen into one of those quirky retro-style rooms with lots of white cabinets, touches of red and blue, and just the right amount of kitsch.  It is a beautiful room (that unfortunately can’t be emulated in my traditional-style home) and I thought it called for some new custom hand towels.  This is also an easy beginner project for anyone who is new to using their Silhouette or heat transfer material.


I wanted to limit the amount of bright colors on the towels to coordinate with the room, so I created offset mats for all of my designs that I would cut out of red and light blue smooth heat transfer material.   To do this in the Studio software, simply open the Offset Menu (arrow 1) after clicking on the design you want to use, click on Offset (arrow 2), choose a distance for your offset (arrow 3), and then click Apply (arrow 4).  I chose an offset of 0.05in to add just the right amount of color behind my designs.


The designs would be cut out of white flocked heat transfer material.  This keeps my kitchen towels softer to the touch too.  To see how my designs would look before cutting, I filled each of the layers with the appropriate color using the Fill Color Menu and placed my designs over their matching colored mat.  Satisfied with the result, I cut my material using the standard settings for each type of heat transfer material in the software.


I love the tiny bit of color peeking out from behind my soft white designs.  This would be a great way to add a monogram too!  There are tons of way to create custom gifts with your Silhouette…how have you been using yours?

Designs Used: