Saturday Freebie – Paisley Layered Background

Happy Saturday y’all!  Today I’m sharing that free cut file I promised earlier in the week…I usually like to share them on a Friday because freebies are a fun way to start the weekend, but life got in the way so I’m sorry it’s a day late!

Ever since the layered background trend began a while ago in card-making, I’ve wanted to try creating my own in Silhouette Studio.  I had this idea for a paisley background because of how versatile it could be just by changing the color of a few layers.

All six layers were cut from Silhouette Adhesive Cardstock, so this card was super quick and easy to assemble once cut.  The “hello” sentiment was cut manually because I wanted to show you how great this cardstock is even if you don’t have a Silhouette!  To keep from covering up too much of the pretty background, I adhered it over a strip of vellum.

When you open the studio file below, this is what you will see.  I left a layered version off to the left of the workspace so that you can always have an eye on the finished product and how the layers work together.

If you want to test color combinations before cutting, I’ve tried to make that easy for you too!  Just click on the layer you want to change, open the Fill Color Menu (arrow 1), and select a color that closely resembles your cardstock (arrow 2).

To see what the final product will look like, just select all of the layers, open the Align Menu (arrow 1), and click “Center” (arrow 2).  I’ve arranged the layers in the Studio software so that they will stack properly for you when you center them in this manner.

Don’t like the colors you chose?  Just click “Undo” in the top left menu to begin selecting colors again.

Here are a few color combinations I played around with using Silhouette Adhesive Cardstock (Black, White, Strawberry, Burnt Orange, Yellow, Leaf Green, Mint, and Navy).  You can delete a few layers if you’d like for a completely different look.  Or how about cutting stencils and inking each layer separately?

And it’s not just for cards…you can easily scale the design up or down to create a pretty lid for a gift box or a funky framed piece for your wall.

I hope you have fun with this free cut file and thanks so much for stopping by today!  I’d love to see your creations too, so feel free to leave a link in the comments section if you use my design.


Paisley Layered Background – .studio3 file

Free cut files are meant to be enjoyed, but never sold or redistributed as your own. (For personal use only please.) If you share your creation on a blog or online gallery, please link back to this post as the source of the file and/or inspiration.


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  1. vicki says:

    Love this great file! Thank you.

    1. Annie Wills says:

      You’re welcome Vicki!!

  2. Amy Hertzler says:

    Thanks! Such a great design 🙂

    1. Annie Wills says:

      Thank you Amy…hope you enjoy it!

    2. Lesley says:

      thank you so much, very much appreciated.

  3. Vivian says:

    Very pretty! I love it! Thank you for the free cut file 🙂

    1. Annie Wills says:

      You’re so welcome Vivian!

  4. Jayne H. says:

    I absolutely love this cut file and can’t wait to experiment with it. A long time ago I managed a Laura Ashley store. If you didn’t like paisley you were fired. (jk) All kidding aside, thanks for sharing your talent!

    1. Annie Wills says:

      Oh that’s so funny Jayne…and I’m so glad you like the design!!

  5. Marilyn says:

    Thank you so much! Love your design and love your colors!

    1. Annie Wills says:

      You’re so welcome Marilyn!

  6. Torrie says:

    This is awesome. I am sure it took a long time to create the files, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Annie Wills says:

      You’re welcome Torrie!

  7. Michelle says:

    thanks for sharing

  8. Karen Page says:

    This is going to be so much fun to play with!!! Thank you!!!!!! Found you through the Silhouette etched vase post but going backwards from there to see what other great ideas you have 🙂

    1. Annie Wills says:

      You’re welcome Karen! I hope you enjoy it!

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