Sketched St. Patrick’s Day Frame


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  As soon as I saw this week’s free design, I knew I wanted to “sketch” something out of the ordinary with it.  So, today I’m sharing a way to take a sketch file and easily embellish a 3D piece of decor (like this plain white picture frame) using the Silhouette Printable Tattoo Paper.


The design was not going to work as is on the thin borders of my frame, so I decided to cut it up into lots of different pretty little clover pieces.  To do this, simply open your Knives Menu (arrow 1), click on Straight (arrow 2), and draw a knife line anywhere on your design (arrow 3) to separate that piece from the rest of the shape.  You may need to zoom in (using the magnifying glass) on some areas to get a clean cut.


After cutting apart all the pieces I wanted for my final design, I duplicated some and lined them up in the orientation I would be using for each side of the frame.  Then I changed the line color to a deep green and increased the thickness of the lines (to 1.5pt) so that I could print my designs instead of sketch them.  I turned on the registration marks and printed this on my tattoo paper.


Allow the tattoo paper to dry after printing, apply the adhesive layer included in the package, and then cut the designs out with your Silhouette.  Apply the designs to the frame just as you would a temporary tattoo to your skin – place it on the frame where you would like it and press it down with a damp cloth for about ten seconds.  When you remove the paper backing, you’re left with a frame that looks hand-painted!


To finish off my St. Patrick’s Day decor, I added a piece a matching deep green felt to the frame and popped this Luck design cut from some gold-foiled cardstock up on top.  And if you don’t celebrate or decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, the clovers in the free design this week could easily pass for flowers in a spring-themed frame too.  I hope this project inspires you to use your specialty materials in unexpected ways!

Designs Used: