Small Embellishment Organization


Could you use a few more ideas for organizing your craft room?  I’ve tried many different ways of storing all of my tiny craft embellishments over the years, but I began to realize recently that whatever wasn’t visible wasn’t getting used.  This is the system that I’ve found works for me, and hopefully you can use some of these ideas to do a little crafty spring cleaning yourself.

I started with a small wooden crate (meant for CDs at one time I think) and glued the lids of some small plastic jars to the top using strong liquid adhesive.  Then I pulled out all of the embellishments I turn to most often while crafting to decide which ones I would like to store on my benchtop in plain sight.    With the plastic jars attached to the top of the crate, I could slide some small glass candy jars underneath to store some of my larger bits and pieces.


The candy jars had metal lids, so I decided to label them using some of the Printable Silver Foil.  Using a scalloped circle shape from the Online Store, I filled my labels with a few colorful images and some text using my new favorite font.  Then, to keep from wasting my precious silver foil material, I increased the bottom margin of my Print and Cut so that the registration marks wouldn’t be printed all the way at the bottom of the page.


After sending the printed page through my CAMEO, I ended up with perfectly cut scalloped labels to just peel and stick onto my small candy jars.


I wanted to label the small plastic jars a little differently.  Since they’d be viewed from the side, rather than from their lid, I cut my words from white vinyl instead.  I also got to use a tiny scrap of vinyl up because the words were so tiny.  After cutting my vinyl scrap with my CAMEO, I cut each word apart from the rest to make weeding a bit easier.  I still can’t believe how intricate of cuts my CAMEO is capable of sometimes!


Using transfer paper, I quickly adhered my vinyl lettering to my jars and filled them with my different embellishments.


And in case you’re wondering why I chose the candy jars for my tiny sequins and confetti…it’s because they sit at the perfect angle for me to use my pick-me-up tool to grab them and place them right onto my project.  I hope this gives you a few ideas for how to organize your craft space.  Or your kitchen?  I’m considering moving my most-used spices into candy jars like these…you can bet they’ll have pretty silver foil labels too!

Shapes Used:

Fonts Used: