Spectrum Noir Colorista Release

Colorista Drink Coasters by Annie Williams - Coasters with Cup

If you’ve been waiting for the big Spectrum Noir Colorista release, today’s the day when you can finally order all of the items from HSN that you’ve been getting little sneak peeks of lately.  Coloring relaxes me (as long as it’s not in those teeny tiny spaces), but I’m not the kind of person who can leave all that pretty coloring stuck in a book!  After I finished a page out of the new “Eastern Promise” Premium Marker Pad, I decided to tear it out and make some funky drink coasters with it for my “coffee nook”.

Colorista Drink Coasters by Annie Williams - Coloring

Here’s a peek at the page I was coloring.  If you’re like I was, that intricate mandala might be making you dizzy right now…and possibly short-of-breath.  I conquered my fear of mandalas the only way I knew how – by literally taking a step backward from the page and seeing the bigger picture.  Instead of five billion dots, swirls, and squiggles, I now see a design like this as flowers, leaves, and backgrounds…and it doesn’t give me a headache!  For a more muted palette, I choose Lemon, Pearl Blue, Sorbet, Cream, Coral, Pistachio Colorista pens to color my design.

Colorista Drink Coasters by Annie Williams - Materials

The coasters were easy to assemble.  I had a pack of 3″ balsa wood rounds in my stash, so I just took my colored page and die-cut it four times with a 3″ circle die.  After applying a thin coat of Mod Podge Matte to one side of the wood rounds, I pressed a die-cut on top of each to adhere.

Colorista Drink Coasters by Annie Williams - Coasters

Then, I followed that up by applying two more thin coats of Mod Podge Matte over the entire colored piece and around the sides of the wood to seal it in place.  Since Mod Podge is water-based, the marker pad and Colorista inks did not run.  I love my new colorful drink coasters!

HSN Showtimes

I hope you have time to catch some of the HSN crafty shows today and thanks so much for stopping by!  Which new products are you excited about?