Spooky Faux-Etched Mirror


This quick Halloween project was inspired by the legend of Bloody Mary.  As a fan of all things horror-related (something my husband strongly dislikes about me!), I like to add a few creepy touches to my ordinary autumn decor.  But in my house, the Halloween items don’t stay out for long…because who wants to look at skeletons and rats for over a month?  Using Silhouette Frosted Vinyl, I quickly made a couple of decals to transform this normally “Parisian chic” mirror into a spooky “etched” piece to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.


After cutting out and weeding the skull, spider, and spiderweb designs with my CAMEO, I began to transfer the vinyl to my mirror using transfer paper.  I placed my skeleton in the center first, and then decided on the placement of my other images.  The spiderweb designs were meant for squared-off corners, and altering the design in the Studio software to fit into this ornate frame seemed like more trouble than it was worth.  Instead, I cut the design as is, placed the web far enough back in the corner to touch on all edges, and went around the frame with a scalpel to remove the excess vinyl.


The result is a perfectly nested “etched” web.  Or course, I had to include the little guys who built those webs, so I picked two of my favorite creepy spider designs from the Design Store and added them around the frame as well.


The best part is that I can easily remove the vinyl when Halloween is over to use the mirror normally and then even change the design for next year.  With the lights out and a little dim purple or green lighting, you can have your own glowing apparition straight out of Amityville.  If you’d prefer a cuter look for your Halloween mirror, this skull and these spiders would do the trick!

Designs Used: