St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Art


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Today I wanted to share a quick and easy piece of framed art that you can make for this special little holiday or even leave up year-round.  I’m not Irish, so I don’t decorate too much for St. Patrick’s Day, but I can’t resist putting a little something up and this sentiment was such a nice one.  These days, you can actually order four-leaf clovers online like I did, but I wouldn’t recommend it for friends.


I started by placing my phrase in the center of a rectangle (that I made the same size as my burlap sheet) by selecting both objects and clicking “Center” in the Align window.  Then I arranged my clover flourishes in each corner to frame my sentiment.  I colored my entire design in using the Fill Color window just to get an idea of how my final project would look.


I cut my main design out of stencil vinyl, weeded the design, and adhered it to my burlap sheet.  The extra clover was cut from a green plaid fabric scrap after ironing on some Silhouette Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing.  Then I just painted my fabric ink over my stencil with a basic paintbrush and waited for it to dry.  My burlap sheet was actually laminated on the back, so even though the fabric was not woven tightly, the ink settled into the wells to create a more solid image.


Where did I find that dark olive-y green fabric ink?  You can mix any of the Silhouette fabric inks to create your own custom colors…so if one of them isn’t just the right shade to match your project, it’s really easy to create a color that is.  I was trying to coordinate with my plaid clover while also keeping my sentiment pretty dark so that it would stand out.  Here, I used about one part brown fabric ink to three parts green fabric ink to make this deep olive green.


Here is a closeup of the fabric clover…I love how cleanly fabric cuts when you use this interfacing!  After my ink was dry and I had removed my stencil, I simply ironed my fabric clover onto the burlap.  Bonus – I got to cover up the green fingerprint I accidentally left on my project while removing my stencil (oops!).


I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

Shapes Used: