Vellum Suncatchers


Hey ya’ll…I’m back with a quick and easy project using the Silhouette Vellum Paper.  When I felt how sturdy this material was compared to some vellum papers, I knew I wanted to try to make faux suncatchers with it.  And since I couldn’t decide which method I liked best, I decided to share all three.


The fastest method I used only involves cutting the “lead line” for the suncatcher out of black adhesive cardstock and using the Print and Cut function to color the vellum to mimic stained glass.  In the screenshot above, you can see I just filled in different parts of the design with some vibrant colors, printed this out with registration marks onto my vellum, and then let my CAMEO cut out the edge of the circle.  After cutting the outline of the design (as well as its mirror image) out of adhesive cardstock, I could then just line up the black cardstock over top of the printed vellum and press it into place on both sides.


For a slightly more involved approach, I cut the outline of another shape (and its mirror image) out of black adhesive cardstock again and adhered a plain circle of vellum to the back of one of these.  I cut the vellum circle slightly smaller than the outer edge of the design using the Internal Offset Tool.  Then I colored the vellum on the backside using bright alcohol markers.  For large areas like the blue background, you can dab away any streaks using a cotton ball dipped in blender solution or rubbing alcohol and this gives a soft textured look to your “glass”.  Once I was finished coloring, I simply adhered the second black outline (mirror image) to the back of my suncatcher.


For my last suncatcher, I wanted to try to make a gold outline instead…so I first cut this bird doily design out of the Silhouette Stamp Material (left panel).  After cutting the scalloped outline of the design out of vellum, I lined my stamp up with the outer edge and stamped my image in Versamark ink (center panel), followed by heat embossing in gold (right panel).  Then I turned my piece over and colored the back with alcohol markers as above.  Since the stamp material is reversible, you could finish this off by embossing the mirror image on the back as well, but I opted to cut the mirror image out of warm grey adhesive cardstock and press it onto the back instead to save time.


Here is a closer look at my finished suncatchers.  Hopefully one, or a combination of some, of these methods inspires you!  Or, how about printing a detailed image like this one on vellum and adding an ornate frame of adhesive cardstock around it?

Shapes Used: